About me

Flavia Monteiro is a fashion designer and stilist who has lived in Montreal for 6 years.
Paternmaker Graduate in the L'Institut Supérieur Mode-beauté des Faubourgs/Habillement et Styliste diplômée au Be.u stylists de Montréal.
She has been a hats designer for 4 years with different collaborations for fashion shows and photoshoots.
In 2016 she participated in La Nuit Blanche with Textil's LAB at the SBC Contemporary Art Gallery of Montreal where 2,000 thousand people passed.
Flavia has traveled to 3 continents in 27 countries and 100 cities with Cirque du Soleil and has visited the fashion industry in China.
She has worked for the Opera of Montreal, Disney and Universal Studios.
Today, she works on the Atelier Creative of the Cirque du Soleil at the Head Office in Montreal.